How to Eat Espresso Beans

coffee in coffee image by Maria Brzostowska from

Espresso beans are a variant of deeply-roasted coffee beans that exude a dark, sweet, caramel flavor. While they are most commonly used for making espresso coffee to drink, the beans can also be eaten as a snack. Edible espresso beans are often sold covered in regular or dark chocolate and make the perfect accompaniment when drinking coffee. Espresso beans are also a good gift to give on birthdays or other occasions.

Set aside some time to luxuriate with your espresso beans. Often received as gifts, or as a treat to yourself, espresso beans are commonly sold chocolate-covered. Put the beans in a bowl to share your espresso beans with friends and family after a dinner party or other social occasion. Try a blindfold tasting challenge for a great dinner party activity, where guests should eat beans from different countries and try to guess their origin.

Brew a cafetiere of coffee or some espresso to provide the perfect accompaniment to your edible espresso beans. Indulge by taking the beans/chocolate-covered beans in your mouth and then drawing in coffee over the top and enjoying the intense combined flavor. Sample other beverages alongside espresso beans -- liquors such as brandy and whiskey and flavored liqueurs such as mint chocolate, creme caramel and hazelnut all go well with espresso beans.

Mix it up and try different types of espresso beans. Just as you can enjoy drinking coffee from around the world, edible espresso beans also hail from all over the globe. Enjoy the differing flavors of worldwide coffee beans, with parts of South and Central America, Central Africa, India, East Asia and the Pacific Islands all prolific producers of espresso beans. Sample beans from each country and continent for the widest espresso bean eating experience.