Samples of Thank-You Notes for Donations

No matter the cause you are soliciting donations for, donors like feeling appreciated. A donation might just seem like a drop in the bucket to you, but each individual who donates makes a conscious choice to invest in your cause. These donors want to know that the money they have invested in your organization or project was valued, and they want to get a better understanding of precisely how their donation is helping, especially if there is an ongoing need to which they might donate again. Each thank-you note should be timely and make the recipient glad to have donated.

Notes for Organizations

If you are working for a larger organization that is seeking donations far and wide, a form letter is an appropriate and efficient way to express your appreciation, especially if you do not actually know the majority of those who donate.

Such a letter might proceed as follows: Dear [Name of donor], On behalf of all of us at [name of organization], I would like to thank you for [donation amount and type – could be in kind]. Your generous support of our organization has helped to [include information about the most recent initiatives conducted by the above-stated organization, particularly if the donation came as a part of a fund-raiser for a specific need]. Every year, [express the consistent need addressed by your organization, either using specific statistics or a general statement of the problem]. [Name of organization] is committed to continuing its important work to achieve [desired outcome of organization], through the help of supporters like you. [A word like “supporters” conveys a sense that the assistance provided by contributors is more than just monetary.] Thank you again for your commitment to [description of cause, probably a more meaningful inclusion than the specific organization name]. Sincerely, [Signature and name of organization leader]

Notes for Individual Projects or Causes

When writing thank-you notes for something more personal, such as donations from relatives to help defray tuition costs for your education or donations from friends to your participation in a benefit walk or run, it is essential to personalize notes not only to convey how the donations helped you but also to include some acknowledgment of the person addressed. A more personal note of appreciation might go something like this: Dear [Name], Thank you so much for supporting [me or cause] through your generous donation of [again, don’t forget in kind donations]. Your assistance has helped / will help me / [cause supported] to do [specific thing accomplished]. I know how much you care about [cause], and it is very meaningful to me to see your love of [cause / project] manifested through your generous gift. Best wishes, Your Signature In this type of note, it is not inappropriate to include other personal references in a post script or near the end of the note, such as looking forward to seeing the addressee soon or promising to let him or her know how your project/cause/first semester turned out.