Russian Wedding Gifts

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While giving a Russian wedding gift, present something practical that the bride and groom will enjoy. Give presents that relate to their culture. Russian gifts can be pricey because most are hand-made in Russia and are very delicate. Expect to spend substantially on a Russian gift, but it will be worth it because the couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Alcohol or Wine

Give wine, Russian vodka or brandy. Russian vodka is enjoyed around the world because of its exceptional quality. Since Russians drink vodka for many special occasions, the newlyweds may even drink your gift the same night or on their honeymoon.


Buy the newlyweds a decanter for their wines and liquors. Craftsmen in St. Petersgburg create Russian decanters from fine Russian glass . You can find many beautiful decanters and other Russian glass at


Give fine porcelain such as a vase, tableware or plates. Cobalt Net is an often-used design for tableware and other porcelains inspired by the service of Empress Elizabeth, and it is very important in Russian history. Cobalt Net porcelains can be pricey because of their genuine mineral cobalt and 22 karat gold exterior. You can purchase these fine porcelains at,, or in Russian stores.

Nesting Dolls

Buy the newlyweds "Bride and Groom" nesting dolls. Nesting dolls are traditional in many Russian families. They usually are hand-painted. You can even add a child nesting doll to their collection when the couple welcomes their new baby. You can buy nesting dolls at many Russian stores and shops.