Romantic Games Involving Food

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Food is a wonderful way to add more romance to your relationship. One 2006 study conducted by several Italian researchers and published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that chocolate can increase sexual desire and satisfaction in women. You and your partner can experience food with many of your senses, most obviously through your sense of taste, but also through a tactile experience. Before your sex life gets dull, involve food in your romantic experiences with your mate.

Body Sundae

Grab a bottle of chocolate sauce, a can of whip cream and, if you are particularly adventurous, a few maraschino cherries, and create a sundae on your partner. Remove your partner's clothes, invite her to lie down and proceed to create a sundae on her body. Some practical tips will help make this activity easier, allowing you to spend time enjoying your partner and not concerned with the logistics of a body sundae. If you are worried about making a mess, lay a sheet down on your bed or the floor. Use chocolate in a squeeze bottle and whip cream in a can. You can also buy a ready-made kit with all of these ingredients in most adult stores.

Guess That Food

Hand feed your blindfolded partner various types of fruits and vegetables and ask him to guess exactly what he is eating. It is amazing what a different experience it is eating without the benefit of sight. A little preparation will make this activity fun and easy. Select fruits and vegetables that are fragrant and tasty. Also, mix it up by using those with different consistency or juiciness. Be sure to wash the food just as if you were preparing for a meal. Cut the fruits and vegetables into bite-size pieces. Some good items to start with are pineapple, strawberries, tart apples, bell peppers in various colors, mangos, kiwi and baby carrots. These are easy to find at any grocery store and offer a variety of flavors and textures. For a more exciting game, try alternating between vegetables and fruits as well as strong and weaker flavors.

Spelling Bee

Use honey, maple or chocolate syrup, or any edible treat, in a squeeze bottle and spell words on your partner’s flesh. Spell special words or letters, and have your partner guess what you are writing. Lick the letters off in order to have a clean slate for your next word. Have a themed game and write titles of your favorite poems or songs. Give your partner special points if she can recite a few lines of the poem. Spell erotic words to add an even more romantic twist to the game.