Rock & Roll Dance Party Cake Ideas

Burke/Triolo Productions/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pump up your next party with a rock-and-roll cake that really rocks. Keep things simple and use only frosting to decorate the cake, or go for an elegant appearance using fondant. Fondant is edible sugar dough that you can mold or roll and cut into any shape. It has a smooth texture that makes your cake look sharper than its frosted counterpart. However, fondant can be frustrating for beginners, and many cake styles can be simplified and created with frosting. This means you can use fondant and frosting together, or use frosting alone to create any rock-and-roll cake theme you dare to imagine.

Rocking Dance Floor

Get down and dirty on the dance floor with a rock-and-roll cake. Cover a cake with black and white fondant squares to create a classic dance floor or stick with plain black frosting for a modern dance floor. Use toy dolls or molded fondant figurines as people dancing on the floor. Pose the dancers in mid move for a comic effect. Pipe frosted silhouettes of dancing figures onto the covered cake if you don’t want to use three-dimensional figurines. Serve the cake as is or dust it with an edible sugar sparkles to make it look like there’s a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling.

Classic Record Stack

Nothing says classic rock-and-roll like a stack of records. Cover a round cake with black fondant or black frosting to create the basic record shape. Place a white fondant or frosting circle in the middle of the cake as a label. Write a message on the label with frosting. Drag a fork lightly around the top of the cake to create grooves in the record. Alternately, make several small round cakes and cover them with silver fondant or frosting to create a stack of compact discs. Use frosting to write a message on each stack of discs. Dust the cakes with silvery sparkles to give them a metallic sheen.

Magical Musical Notes

Get things in tune at your party with a rock-and-roll cake decorated with musical notes. Cover any shape of cake with a light colored fondant or frosting, such as white or yellow. Place assorted musical notes in brightly colored fondant or frosting, such as red or blue, around the cake in a random pattern. You can also use black notes placed in straight lines around an angular white cake so that the dessert looks like sheet music.

Groovy Guitar

Get into the groove of a rock-and-roll party with a guitar-themed cake. Bake a guitar-shaped cake and decorate with marbled yellow and red fondant for a fancy style or pipe a red guitar shape on a square cake for a simple style. Use frosting or licorice to create the strings of the guitar. Place candies at the top of the guitar neck to serve as the tuning keys.