Removing Lipstick from Wool Fabric

by Cheryl Starr

Lipstick stains have been the catalyst behind many breakups in the movies. In reality, lipstick stains can easily be removed, especially when the stain is on wool fabric. Most lipsticks, depending upon the brand, are oil-based pigments. The American Sheep Industry has an easy suggestion for removing lipstick stains from wool fabric.

Items you will need

  • White bread
  • Talcum powder
  • Clear tape

Using White Bread to Remove Lipstick Stains

Step 1

Rub the white bread over the stain with a gentle rotating motion.

Step 2

Work at the stain from the outside in, rubbing the stain slowly.

Step 3

Use the bread as you would an eraser, and continue rubbing and working the stain until it is removed.

Using Talcum Powder to Remove Lipstick Stains

Step 1

Shake enough talcum powder on the lipstick stain to cover the stain.

Step 2

Allow the talcum powder to remain on the lipstick for about two minutes, then press a piece of clear tape over the powder and lipstick.

Step 3

Gently lift the tape to remove the powder and the lipstick stain. Repeat if necessary.


  • Before treating any stain on wool, look for the care instructions on the label. Dry cleaning is suggested in some wool garments. Tell the dry cleaner that the stain is lipstick so he or she can determine how to treat the stain.


  • Do not treat oil-based stains on wool with water.

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