Recipe for Homemade Milk Bath Images

A day at the spa includes luxurious personal treatments from head to toe with facials, massages, and milk baths. Along with the pampering comes a hefty price. The more practical approach involves spending the day at home basking in the luxury of the same treatments at a fraction of the cost. Use simple recipes for a homemade milk bath and use the money you save on more practical items.

General Use for Milk Baths

The milk bath helps relieve dry skin, making it soft and supple. Other reasons for creating a personal recipe for homemade milk baths include gift giving, stress relief, or simple relief from skin irritation. Ground oatmeal added to the recipe works well on sunburned skin and rashes. Sometimes the best thing about a homemade milk bath is being able to relax and enjoy a little "me" time.

Ingredients for Milk Baths

Milk is obviously the key ingredient in a milk bath, and the powdered form works best in homemade recipes. Powdered milk mixed in a 3-2-1 ratio with epsom salts and cornstarch provides a rich, luxurious effect. Mix the ingredients together with a blender or food processor to make a pourable powder. Other recipes for homemade milk baths substitute baking soda for epsom salts and cut down or eliminate the cornstarch.


For extra aromatherapy relaxation, add soothing scents to a homemade milk bath. Blend fresh or dried lavender with the main ingredients to create a soothing ambiance in the bath. Or grind almonds in a blender or food processor until they form a powder, and mix with the main ingredients. Other choices for fragrance come in the form of essential oils. Choose oils in your favorite scents and blend with the dry powder to create an intoxicating aroma when pampering yourself with a milk bath.