Questions for a Psychic Reading

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If you're about to have your first psychic reading, chances are you're wondering what the experience will be like. Knowing what questions to ask, both before and during the reading, can help you gain the most from your psychic's ability.

Getting to Know Your Psychic

Before your reading, you should ask the psychic some questions to learn how she works and about her particular talents and abilities. Different psychics will do their readings in different ways and focus on different kinds of information. Ask your psychic what kinds of tools she uses, such as tarot cards, runes or personal objects. You can also ask whether she communicates with her spirit guides to provide information about the future and if she reads auras, energy, palms, or is a medium who communicates with those who have died. Knowing these sorts of things will help you decide which kinds of questions to ask. However, some psychics might not want you to ask questions and instead will prefer to ask you for information. In many cases, it's a better idea to think about talking to your psychic in terms of prompting her with statements and general information rather than posing direct questions. Ask your psychic which method she prefers.

Life Questions

When asking questions about your life, keep them general and non-specific. Don't test your psychic by asking for explicit, verifiable details, especially when it comes to things you already know. Ask for information pertaining to situations or circumstances in your current life, including information about important relationships, life-changing decisions and career choices. Bear in mind that the psychic might give you an interpretation of these questions that isn't necessarily based on the day-to-day details and specifics, but will define the information in a way that relates to you emotionally and spiritually.

Asking for Advice

Asking for advice about your life is a good way to try to get the most from a psychic reading. A good psychic can provide insights into your life path, both present and future. Ask if the path you're currently on is going to serve you in the ways you think it will -- and ask about how recent choices are likely to affect you in the long term. Ask for insight into ways in which you may be limiting or damaging yourself, as psychic readings can often provide strong signs in this area. Also, ask for insight into avenues you may need to explore or personal changes you may need to make, especially in your perceptions and habits to redirect your life in specific ways that might lead to desirable results.