Pros & Cons of Mouth Grills

Mouth grills' claim to fame came from the hip-hop community in the early 1980s. Grills are molded to fit a person’s mouth. They are made of gold, silver and platinum.


Some critics believe that mouth grills are expensive and superficial.

Health Hazards/Cons

Mouth grills should be worn intermittently to reduce dental problems. Wearing mouth grills for long periods of time will cause gum disease and cavities.


You must brush and floss daily when wearing mouth grills. This will prevent food from getting trapped in the grill and teeth. Lack of proper cleaning will cause tooth decay.


Gold teeth are popular because they are flashy and attract a lot of attention. There aren’t any positive health conditions that result from wearing a mouth grill.


School systems in Alabama, Georgia and Texas have banned mouth grills because of health-related and behavioral reasons.