How to Put in a Mouth Grill


Mouth grills are proof that jewelry is not limited to your ears, neck and wrists. You can also wear jewelry on your teeth. These ornamental mouth inserts fit over your top or bottom teeth. They can be made of gold, silver or other metal, and they often include diamonds, rubies and an array of gemstones of your choice. Getting a mouth grill involves having impressions made of your teeth and the grill customized by a jeweler for a proper fit. Once you've acquired your mouth grill, a few easy steps will allow you to put it in and wear it.

Prepare your mouth. Brush and floss your teeth so they are clean and ready for adornment. Rinse well so no residue will be trapped under your mouth grill.

Prepare your mouth grill. Make sure your mouth grill is clean too. Gently brush it with a soft brush to make sure nothing is stuck in the crevices. Rinse it well under water.

Snap the mouth grill into place. Gently place the grill in your mouth, with the rim facing the direction of the gums. Move it into place over the teeth, and gently push it back and upward until it clicks into place. Putting in a mouth grill is similar to inserting a retainer.