Pet-Approved Gifts for Animal Lovers

Rachel Joy Horn


Are you looking for the perfect holiday present for the pet lover in your life? We've put together an assortment of suggestions from eHow staff members. See what their favorite--and more importantly, their pets' favorite--products are, from silly accessories to high-tech gadgets.


Content Manager Johan Mengesha's adorable mutt Layla went gaga over the BarkBox, particularly the stuffed pig toy. This subscription gift consists of a monthly delivery of four to six toys, treats and hygiene products for pooches. You can sign up for a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month gift subscription. 10 percent of your purchase goes to help animal rescue groups, so you can feel good about your gift.

Rachel Joy Horn

The Cat Crib

Editor Mindy Brocka loves that her black cat Mara loves the Cat Crib, a sort of hammock for cats. "My picky cat has hated every cat bed I've ever bought her, and I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly she took to the Cat Crib. She likes to hang out in there and watch TV with me." The Cat Crib easily attaches to the bottom of any chair, making it discreet and space-friendly.

Mindy Brocka

Thermo-Pet Mat

Shopping for a pet who lives in a cold climate? Software engineer Joel Kopelioff's poodle Riley can't get enough of the Thermo-Pet Mat, a heated pet bed for a small dog or cat. "Riley was always scratching at the side of the bed on cold nights, but now that she has the Thermo-Pet Mat, she is warm, cozy and sleeps through the night."

Rachel Joy Horn

Holiday Cat Necktie

Editor Rachel Joy Horn wanted to get her tabby cat Chester in the holiday mood, so she opted for a plaid cat necktie. "Putting him in an elf costume or reindeer antlers seemed too mean, but this necktie is classy. Chester knows he looks good when he wears it." At just under $5, the tie is a budget-friendly gift, and the adjustable velcro fits easily around any kitty's neck.

Rachel Joy Horn

The Whistle Activity Monitor

If you know a fitness geek who loves to exercise with his pooch, consider giving the Whistle Activity Monitor, a tiny gadget (about the size of a silver dollar) that clips to the dog's collar. Check in via smartphone to know if pooch is getting exercise or just lying on the couch all day. Check out tech director Dave Johnson's pup Topher as he models the Whistle. Topher logged plenty of exercise hours on his Whistle.

Dave Johnson

Catty Stacks

Editor Cathy Flanagan's kittens Sophie and Pip take cardboard box sophistication to the next level with these Catty Stacks. Cathy likes them because they "stand up to quite a lot of kitty rough housing," and her kitties love to play, sleep and hide in them. "They are usually the first place I check when I can't find my cats." Available in five different colors, the Catty Stacks are a modern alternative to cat furniture.

Cathy Flanagan

Homemade Stocking

Instead of buying a gift for a pup-loving friend, why not make your own? Choose from a selection of twelve dog templates and follow the simple instructions linked below to create this homemade Christmas stocking. Software engineer Spencer Wiggins' bulldog Deuce enjoyed seeing his likeness on this stocking.

Spencer Wiggins

Doggie Nation Sports Apparel

If wearing her favorite pro team's logo on her shirt isn't enough for a sports fanatic, buy her pets some matching team memorabilia. Content Manager Mary Dacuma, a University of Southern California grad, is one of those fans--just look at her chihuahua mixes Honey and Chiqui. "If my dogs could talk, they'd say 'Fight on." But they can't talk, so I bought them these shirts to help them out." Well played, Mary.

Mary Dacuma

Cat's Meow

For a busy cat lover who digs interactive toys, consider the Cat's Meow. A battery-powered spinner rotates underneath the bright yellow mat at different speeds and directions, keeping kitty guessing. Mobile UX designer Noelle Stransky's long-haired Siamese, Lily, was certainly intrigued by the sporadic movement of the Cat's Meow.

Noelle Stransky