How to Find a Person in Puerto Rico

To find a person in Puerto Rico, you'll need patience. Be resolute in the knowledge that what you want will come with time. People generally enter or exit Puerto Rico by either airplane or boat. Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport is the largest airport, and San Juan is the city with the largest port. A person will have most likely passed through these areas at some point.

Step 1

Speak with Puerto Rican family or church members, on-site hotels and resorts. Ask about former employers or current relationships and if any of those people live in Puerto Rico. For example, Dorado Beach Resort is one of the largest employers. If someone travels to Puerto Rico for work often, he may stay at the same hotel, for example. If a person is religious, check out the Cathedral of San Juan or charitable organizations. Inquire of family as to whether or not a person has had a sudden change in his otherwise normal behavior. If you're looking for a person in Puerto Rico, know if there's a history of violence or mental illness. Check with Las Cucharas Prison to find a person in Puerto Rico.

Step 2

Follow the money. People tend to spend money the same way no matter what they do or where they go. Vacationers usually get traveler's checks from their bank before they travel. Businesspeople often keep receipts as a matter of record for when they return to work in the United States. Puerto Rico has more than 15 major banks, the largest of which is Banco Popular.

Step 3

Contact law enforcement or U.S. Homeland Security. If someone has gone missing and there is any hint of impropriety, contact the Ponce-area police or even a private investigator such as L&W Investigations: Puerto Rico. It may depend on your particular needs, as well. When someone goes missing under strange circumstances, time is of the essence, so it's important to get experienced professional help.

Step 4

Write down everything you learn. It's sometimes difficult to remember every facet of interviewing multiple people. After a while, the information tends to blend together. It isn't uncommon for poor investigators to "mix and match" data with the wrong people. Enlist professional help and talk with InfiniTec Investigation Services in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Representatives might be willing to provide you with some day-to-day steps for free.

Step 5

Pair up with a partner. Always let a trusted “other” know where you are going when you go out to find a person in Puerto Rico. If something unforeseen happens, you'll have a little added assurance. Law-enforcement personnel often work in pairs and so should you. Arrange to meet at any busy coffee house or hacienda, or meet at the pueblo de Maricao.