What Are Your Options When You Need 24-Hour Care for the Elderly?

by Shae Hazelton

When an elderly individual needs around-the-clock care, finding a suitable way to meet healthcare needs can be difficult. You have a few options, but most will require work and sacrifice on your part. Still, it can be very rewarding to realize you have helped someone you care about stay healthy and safe.

Living with You

It can be a tremendous sign of love and affection to an elderly person when you invite them into your home. If you have the time and resources to care for the elderly individual all day every day, it can be quite rewarding. However, when you invite a full-grown adult who is set in her ways into your home, your differing lifestyles can cause friction. It can also put a strain on your other relationships, because caring for someone in this situation is time-consuming and can be exhausting.

Rest Home

A rest home offers living essentials and around-the-clock nursing care for elderly individuals. However, this option can be expensive, and the elderly individual is relinquishing some independence for the sake of security. Elder abuse is also a possiblity. Even trained nurses can become frustrated and abusive when confronted with the strong needs of the elderly. Check in on the resident of the rest home often to ensure they are healthy and the rest home is caring for him properly.

Private Nurse

Hiring a private nurse to care for an elderly individual around-the-clock is one of the priciest options, but it has a lot of benefits. The elderly person can maintain his independence and live in his own home with the assistance of nurses. Be careful when you trust someone to enter an elderly person's home for an extended stay. Perform a full background check on anyone you hire.

Family Watches

A strong family support system can solve elder care dilemmas. Discuss the needs of your elderly family member with other members of your family, and generate a care schedule. For example, three family members can each take an eight-hour shift during which they visit and care for the elderly family member. Only ask people you know and trust with the care and wellbeing of the elderly person. You all have to be flexible in your schedule to make it work. For example, offer to work overtime if one of the other assistants needs some personal time.

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