I Have Oily Skin: What Face Soap Should I Use to Avoid Breakouts?

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Oily skin can be difficult to control; what's worse, many products designed for oily skin can further irritate the delicate epidermis, causing even more oil production. When it comes to face wash, choose products with skin-loving ingredients and avoid irritants like alcohol, menthol or eucalyptus to control oil while maintaining balanced skin.

Facial Cleansers for Oily Skin

To keep breakouts at bay, start by washing your face both morning and night. Use a face wash with water-soluble ingredients and avoid ingredients that cause tingling. Soaps in solid forms should also be avoided altogether; use a gel, serum or liquid-based facial cleanser instead.Try a gentle face wash with minimal ingredients first. Go for products without fragrance, mineral oils or sodium lauryl sulfate. If oil production is still an issue, progress to a more potent facial cleanser with active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Use a small amount of facial wash to gauge your skin's response. If skin feels irritated, alternate between a gentle face wash and a more potent cleanser for best results. Always follow your cleansing routine with an oil-free, light moisturizer to keep skin balanced and hydrated. For ongoing maintenance throughout the day, try oil-blotting papers to achieve a matte look.