How to Obtain a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates From Italy for the Price of Postage

There are reliable agencies that can get vital records from Italy for a large fee. However, it is possible to request the same information by mail. The registrar of vital statistics, or Ufficio dello Stato civile, keeps such records in city offices. If possible, write the request in Italian to get a faster response.

Step 1

Get the name of the town where the event took place and its province.

Step 2

Address the envelope to the Ufficio dello Stato Civile for that city, town or province. It must include any postal code.

Step 3

Insert a letter in the envelope that explains why you are requesting the vital records. It must include the full name of the individual, that individual's parents, and the date and place of the event.

Step 4

Sign the letter and include a self addressed stamped envelope. Check ahead of time on the cost of the processing fee with that city.