Natural Organic Cream Hair Removal

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Using a natural organic cream for hair removal combines the benefits of waxing and sugaring without damaging the skin. Waxing requires treatments to heal the skin after hair removal and sugaring may not remove all types of hair from the root. Since many people have more than one hair type on their body, finding a method that will remove all types of hair, without damaging the skin, provides the best solution for hair removal.

Finding the Right Cream Hair Remover

Purchase an organic cream hair removal system with natural ingredients. The list of ingredients should include herbal products that nurture the skin, such as chamomile, tea tree oil, lavender and lemon.

How It Works

Natural organic hair removal creams do not use chemicals to dissolve hair like a depilatory. These creams use natural ingredients that change the protein structure of the hair so that it is easier to remove from the follicle. Warming the cream makes these creams more effective. Once the cream is applied and absorbed in the skin simply rub with a cloth, sponge or fabric strip provided in the kit. It is the rubbing action that will disconnect the hair from the follicle. As the protein structure of the hair changes, the hair can be rubbed from the follicle. The natural ingredients in these creams condition and moisturize the skin to avoid damage while you are rubbing to remove the hair from the follicle.

Hair Removal Process

Removing hair with natural organic creams can be done in the comfort of your own home. This way you can be sure the ingredients are natural and organic. If you have very curly or coarse textured hair, try taking a shower first and dry your skin. Hair is easier to remove from follicles right after a shower. Put some cream in a glass jar and place the glass jar in a bowl of boiled water to warm it up. Apply the warm cream to the hair and skin and relax for about eight to 10 minutes. Use the fabric strip, sponge or cloth to vigorously rub the creamed area and remove the hair from the follicles. Rinse the cream off the skin and repeat the hair removal process, if necessary, to remove any remaining hair.

Frequency of Use

Natural organic cream hair removers are not a one application, permanent solution. They do slow the growth of hair in the area and reduce the hair removal frequency. When the hair returns you will have to repeat the hair removal process again, but you will notice that it takes much longer for the hair to grow back after each application.