What Men Want in a Wife

by Etch Tabor

Sometimes it may seem as if the sexes are complete opposites. Take the stereotypical man who is competitive and macho. Contrast this with the stereotypical female who is nurturing and feminine. Although not everyone conforms to these generalizations, society does socialize the sexes in unique ways. That said, men and women are actually more similar than you might think. Both have the same wants and desires to love and be loved, and understanding that will help you better understand what it is that men want in a wife.

Fun and Excitment

Nobody wants a partner who is boring. If a man is planning on spending the rest of his life with a woman, he is going to want that life to be an interesting one. That's why he will seek out a woman who is fun. However, keep in mind that fun is subjective. One man might consider skydiving to be a good time, while another might enjoy discussing a good book over a glass of wine. What's important is that the prospective wife and the man have the same ideas about fun.

Satisfying Sex

A major part of any romantic relationship is sex. Sexual compatibility in a relationship is key. Although men are often thought of as naturally having a higher sex drive, this is not necessarily true. In fact, many women have comparable sex drives to men. What is important is that a man and a woman have complementary sex drives and sexual interests. This, as well as the ability to have an open dialogue about sex, will promote a satisfying sex life.


Life can be difficult. For example, jobs can be stressful, and health can deteriorate. It is important for all people to have some network of support established to help get them through these trying times. A man will look for a woman who can offer this kind of support. It is important to him that she take an active interest in his life, from his career to his inner wants, needs and desires. By having a supportive partner, a man will be more likely to achieve his goals and remain happy.


On similar lines as support, men want a woman who will respect them. Nobody wants to be in a relationship that feels one-sided. A respectful relationship is a two-way street. It is through mutual respect that a couple can support one another, trust one another and share things with another without fear of being judged. A respectful partner is also not an abusive partner. They do not yell or act out physically. Rather, she communicates her thoughts and feelings in a respectful manner.

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