How to Make an Enemy Jealous

Whether it is a rival at school or work, an annoyingly competitive friendly enemy or it is just your arch nemesis, you can do things to make an enemy jealous. The more you irk them and turn them into the green-eyed monster, the better you'll feel.

Be happy. An enemy likes nothing more than to see you down in the dumps or depressed. Make an enemy jealous by being extremely happy when they are around. Laugh loud and long and always have a smile on your face.

Rub their nose in your successes. When you get a great promotion or accepted to a wonderful school program, make sure your enemy finds out about it. Not only can it make her jealous, but it is also possible that it can make their accomplishments seem like less.

Flaunt a sexy new partner or a new engagement. A piece of arm candy or a huge rock at the next party may make your enemy more than jealous. It works the best if she is alone at the party.

Hang out with him and his friends, but completely ignore the enemy to make him jealous. Another good thing to do is invite everyone out to a great party or gathering and forget to invite him.

Dress your best at all times. You never know when you may run into your enemy, so make them jealous by always looking fabulous.

Work hard. Jealousy, especially in the work place, usually comes from those around you feeling inferior. So, keep up the good work and make your office enemy more jealous with each office accomplishment.

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