How to Make Your Boyfriend Stay in Love With You

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A relationship is definitely hard work that requires interest from both people. Although some couples can drift apart after time, you can do a few things to make your boyfriend stay in love with you. Recognizing the initial attraction between each other at the beginning of the relationship can begin to rekindle the feelings that were once there. Spending time with each other during an event or celebration can increase teh attraction and make the relationship stronger.

Step 1

Make plans to participate in an activity your boyfriend enjoys, such as spending an afternoon at a car museum or attending a sporting event. People often relax around comfortable environments, allowing them to express who they really are and open up to other people.

Step 2

Capture his attention and get him to notice you physically without revealing too much. Dress up for the date to accentuate your best features tastefully. Select a wardrobe that is appropriate for the day's activities, while allowing you to look your best.

Step 3

Be yourself during your day out together. People invest in relationships with others because of pleasant traits that attracted them in the first place. Avoid trying to play mind games that will only frustrate the boyfriend and push him away further.

Step 4

Invite him for dinner or drinks after the afternoon's activities. Engage in a friendly conversation during the dinner or drinks to give him an opportunity to communicate his views on the relationship. Share your thoughts as well without being too overbearing and pushy. Listen to him and allow the conversation to develop organically.

Step 5

Revisit a local destination after dinner that has been special to the relationship. The location of your first meeting, first date or even first kiss can bring back pleasant memories. Take a stroll there, and talk about those moments as well as individual plans for the future.