How Long Can I Store Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese?

by Rogue Parrish
A closeup of a wheel of romano shows its golden tones.

A closeup of a wheel of romano shows its golden tones.

In a perfect foodie world, Pecorino Romano would stay happily in a solid wedge until the very last moment, when you bring a plate of steaming ravioli or soup to the table. Then, and only then, do you grate the yellowish, piquant flakes onto your food. The advantage of Pecorino in its original wedge, vs. shredded or grated, is that you can keep it in all its goodness indefinitely. Once you grate it, count on this hard cheese to stay wholesome between two weeks and two months.

Keep It Fresh

Pecorino Romano belongs to the hardest of cheeses. It’s reserved generally for grating, although romano can also be sliced and presented as an uncomplicated dessert with wine at the end of a meal. Its low moisture content, which makes it so hard, makes romano fairly resistant to mold. Keep grated romano in the coldest part of your refrigerator in a snap-top container, with some of the air burped out, to prevent mold from gaining access. If you notice mold, discard the entire container.

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