Kids' Easter School Party Ideas

plastic easter eggs image by Joy Fera from

Celebrate Easter with kids by planning some fun, age-appropriate activities. Easter isn't just about the egg hunt, so let kids play some other games to get into the spirit of the holiday. Once the kids are all hyped up on chocolate eggs, let them expend some energy playing Easter-themed games.

Cookie Decorating

Everyone knows kids love decorating their own treats, so set up lots of fun decorations and let them go to town. This will work with either cupcakes or plain sugar cookies shaped like Easter eggs. Give each child a treat, then let them pile on colored frosting, sprinkles, candy, coconut and chocolate kisses. The kids get to eat their masterpieces when they are done decorating.

Relay Race

Get kids outside for a relay race. Divide them into teams, and give each team member a spoon. Each person must run to a marked distance holding the spoon with an Easter marshmallow candy, plastic egg or real egg balanced inside the spoon. Once he makes it back, he must hand the item to his teammate using only the spoon and continue. Whichever team wins can get an Easter treat, such as a small stuffed animals or a package of plastic eggs.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Draw a large rabbit on a piece of poster board. Make sure the bunny does not have a tail. Place double stick tape onto cotton balls, and let each child try to pin the tail on the bunny where it should go. Blindfold the kids before their turn. Whoever gets the closest to where the bunny's tail should be wins a small chocolate bunny to take home.

Egg Bowling

Place an egg on the floor. It can be a plastic or real egg. Each child will receive an egg of his own. It should look different from the egg on the floor. Players can take turns slowly rolling their eggs toward the egg on the floor. Whoever gets the closest to the egg without rolling it away wins.

Easter Bonnets

Use large paper plates to make Easter bonnets. Let kids decorate the bonnets with stickers, foam cut outs, rhinestones, paper flowers, ribbon, construction paper and markers. Fold the paper plate a little to form a hat shape, and make a hole in each side of the plate with a hole punch. Thread elastic, ribbon or string through the holes and tie it. The bonnets can be tied on underneath the chin.