How to Get International Pen Pals

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Few things are more rewarding than attaining an international pen pal. Becoming a pen pal allows you to become introduced to a different culture, better your world geography, improve writing skills and attain a lifelong friend in the process. Consider getting international pen pals through reputable pen pal directories or online organizations.

Check with your school, community center or place of worship to determine if these offer an international pen pal program or club. Ask the leaders of these organizations for recommendations on the best international pen pal organizations or programs if they currently don't offer one or have previously canceled their pen pal program or club.

Join a reputable website or organization online that actively connects individuals to international pen pals, such as AllPenPals, free of charge.

Visit the AllPenPals official website. Click the "Registration" header or the "Join for Free" button on the home page. The organization's registration form will appear on the next screen. Enter your first and last name into the appropriate boxes and choose a password. Enter your email address in the remaining box. Click the "Continue" button.

The second part of the registration form will appear. Enter your age, gender, country and city you live in, your ethnicity and marital status from the drop-down boxes provided. Write a short description of your hobbies in the last box provided. Click the "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" box and click the "Submit" button to finish the registration process.

Post an ad detailing your interest in getting an international pen pal on a reputable classified website. You will need a legitimate email or phone number to reply to interested individuals.