Ideas on How to Decorate a Jelly Jar

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Recycle your glass jelly jars into vases, drinking glasses, containers for homemade gifts or candles by adding simple decorative touches with paint, ribbons, fabric and paper. Be sure to start with jelly jars that have been thoroughly washed and dried to avoid ending up with sticky residue or dust.

Fabric & Ribbon

Once you have filled your jelly jar with a homemade treat mix or bath salt, screw the lid tightly onto the jar. Cut a square of fabric approximately 8 inches square. Center the fabric with the good side facing up on top of the jelly jar lid and secure to the lid with a rubber band. Tie a piece of coordinating ribbon around the jar lid to cover the rubber band. You may want to include a tag identifying the contents of the jar if applicable.


Choose a beautiful paper to gift wrap or cover your re-purposed jelly jar. Cut a rectangle of paper long enough to completely wrap around the jelly jar after filling with candle wax or to use as a vase. Arrange the jelly jar with the lid onto a circle or square of paper and gather paper up and around the jar, tying the gathered top with ribbon to gift wrap.


Add delicate details or a splash of color to jelly jars used for candles, vases, drinking glasses or gifts with hand-painted decorations. Use a paint specifically designed for painting glass for best results. Paint an outline first if desired and be sure to hold your work up to the light frequently to see how the finished product will appear with light shining through the glass, especially if you intend your jelly jar to be a candle holder.


Add matching accessories to a themed jelly jar craft project for extra-special personalization. Thread cookie cutters or an ornament along with the recipe onto a ribbon for holiday cookie mixes. Glue seashells to a glass jelly jar turned into a beach-theme candle holder. Decorate the lid of a jelly jar filled with potting soil or seeds with artificial flowers. Choose accessories that can either be added to the decorative ribbon or that are light enough to be glued onto the glass.