Ideas for Easter Cakes

Decorative Easter dessert cakes should be colorful, festive and fun. There are many ways to add flair to an Easter cake, including making shaped cakes, "Easter basket" cakes and cupcakes. A simple cake can be decorated with colorful frosting, candies and special toppers.

Shaped Cakes

One of the simplest ways to create a festive Easter cake is to bake the cake in an oval mold or to cut it into a large oval shape after baking. After allowing the cake to cool, it can be decorated with several colors of frosting and other additives such as M&Ms, licorice and other popular holiday candies.

Other shapes can be made using professional molds or just by using a knife. A bunny can be assembled using a large oval cake for the body, a small round cake for the head, and construction paper for ears.

Easter Basket Cakes

There are many variations of Easter basket cakes. Some involve relatively little work, such as assembling individual Easter baskets out of cupcakes. Others are more elaborate, using the cake as the actual basket and filling it with traditional treats and toys.

To make individual cupcake baskets, assemble the cupcakes in an area with considerable work space. Decorate each cupcake first with brightly colored frosting. Mixing shredded, toasted coconut flakes with green food coloring can provide a tasty ‘grass’ to cover the frosted cupcake with. Use small pieces of licorice to create a ‘handle’ for the basket. Then, ‘fill’ the basket by covering the ‘grass’ with other candies, such as pastel-colored M&Ms, jelly beans and other treats. Consider serving the cupcakes in a real Easter basket.

Making a basket out of a cake is slightly more complicated. Using a round mold, bake a round cake. Slice a portion from the bottom of the cake so that it has a flat surface to stand on. Slice another portion from the top of the cake. Hollow it out slightly by cutting downward into the cake and removing a small portion of cake. Decorate the outside of the basket with bright colors. Consider using licorice and other candies to make decorative patterns. Fill the inside of the cake with green-colored coconut flakes, green licorice straws or other green candies that can resemble grass. Set other candies and small toys in the basket so that the cake resembles an Easter gift basket. Finish the cake by adding a licorice rope as a handle.

Creative Decorating for a Simple Cake

For aspiring bakers with little time, creative decorating can add a festive touch to a traditional square or round cake. A cake can be made to resemble an Easter egg even if it is square with bright colors and patterns in flavorful candies.

As Easter is a spring holiday, it is appropriate to decorate the cake with frosted flowers. If time is short, consider placing plastic or freshly cut flowers on top of the cake for decoration.

Animal-shaped marshmallow confections such as the popular Peeps brand can be used as toppers. Consider using a bunny-shaped marshmallow on a cupcake covered with green coconut flakes. Sprinkle bright-colored M&Ms around the bunny. A chick-shaped marshmallow will look at home on top of a white-frosted cupcake, as it will appear to be sitting on an egg.

Plastic decorations, such as small toys or actual cake toppers, can also be used. Children will especially love mementos they can keep, such as plastic rings and toys.