Ideas for Cheap Flower Centerpieces


0:00 my name is Jenna Lee with large events

0:02 and today I'm going to show you how to

0:04 make a cheap flower centerpiece and

0:06 actually the best way to make a cheap

0:08 flower centerpiece is to not use flowers

0:11 at all we made these flowers out of

0:13 paper for this project you will need

0:16 tissue paper pipe cleaners glass votives

0:21 and tea lights pearls and glass vases

0:24 scissors and a lighter for the first

0:27 step you'll need to count out 10 to 12

0:30 sheets of tissue paper you fold them in

0:34 half after you folded your tissue in

0:37 half you will take about two inches from

0:41 the seam and fold it in one direction

0:44 then you'll flip your tissue paper over

0:46 and you'll fold it back the same width

0:49 and you'll keep folding back and forth

0:52 until you run out of tissue paper and it

0:57 creates a fan for the next step you take

1:02 your scissors and you're going to cut a

1:05 small slit in the middle part of the

1:08 tissue on each side really just about a

1:12 half an inch will do once your slits are

1:20 cut you'll take your pipe cleaner and

1:26 you'll wedge your pipe cleaner in

1:28 between your slits and then you'll twist

1:33 it close on the other side sometimes it

1:37 helps me to fold the paper in half

1:44 and then twist it close and with your

1:48 scissors about halfway up you'll take

1:51 each side and you'll cut a petal shape

1:54 it doesn't have to be perfect and you

1:56 don't want to start cutting from the

1:58 center you want to leave a section that

2:00 remains folded so about halfway up your

2:03 fold you'll start cutting and you want

2:06 to make sure to grab all of your tissue

2:08 paper we're going to bring this one to a

2:17 point and then we'll cut the other side

2:22 to match when you're finished cutting it

2:25 should look like this so once you have

2:29 your petals cut and it's all fanned out

2:34 and then you'll start pulling up the

2:37 tissue paper piece by piece you just

2:45 want to be as gentle as you can just

2:48 pulling it towards the middle really

2:50 starts to make a beautiful shape once

2:53 you get going so once you've pulled

2:56 about half your sheets towards the

2:57 center on the front side you'll turn it

3:01 over on the back and pull those sheets

3:03 up as well so after you pulled all of

3:07 your tissue paper out and it looks

3:10 something like this they'll take your

3:13 base and your pearls place them inside

3:29 and then you'll just position your paper

3:33 flower just move it into place with the

3:35 other ones and you have a beautiful

3:37 centerpiece again my name is Jenna Lee

3:40 with large events and today I've shown

3:42 you how to make cheap flower

3:43 centerpieces using paper instead of

3:46 flowers