Ideas for a Wedding Reception Buffet

Whether your wedding reception will be an elegant, black-tie affair or an informal gathering, nothing could be more convenient than offering your guests an assortment of delectable finger foods. Serve a cornucopia of culinary delights, including savory sauces, succulent dishes and sweet treats. The food budget for a wedding reception can be astronomical, but by serving finger foods buffet-style, a couple can cut the costs without sacrificing the menu.

Choosing The Menu

When selecting the items for your finger-food menu, consider the varied tastes of all your guests. Also, provide a large enough selection to accommodate anyone with unusual dietary requirements, such as diabetes, lactose intolerance or vegetarian.

Casual Events

Couples with limited budgets can use creative ways to present finger foods. Select tea-time sandwiches, such as cucumber, chicken or egg salad; interesting fruit trays; deli trays with a variety of meats and cheeses; a selection of sliced breads, bread sticks or rolls; assorted cracker and cheese trays with delicious sauces; nuts; deviled eggs; stuffed celery; and individual desserts, such as cupcake wedding cakes, cookies, fruit tarts, chocolate candies and pillow mints.

Formal Events

Couples with bigger budgets can present more sophisticated finger foods. Popular choices include beef, mushroom and green pepper brochettes; mini crab cakes; smoked salmon; mini quiches; stuffed mushrooms; vegetable rolls; sushi or pate; sun dried tomato and wild mushroom quiche; asparagus and mushroom spring rolls; shrimp cocktail; petit fours; cream puffs; fruit tarts or assorted mini tortes; chocolate fountains for dipping or fondue stations.

Buffet Style Benefits

Serving your wedding reception buffet style has numerous benefits. By offering a selection of finger foods your guests can enjoy their favorites as well as sample new gourmet dishes. Having your wedding reception set up as a cocktail party, without requiring all the seats and place settings, further reduces costs and it allows more guests to attend than if you opted for a traditional, seated event.