How Many Calories Are in Popcorn Chicken?

by Patrick Hutchison

Popcorn chicken turns regular fried chicken into individual bite-sized pieces.

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Fried chicken is as American as baseball and apple pie. From basic fried chicken to chicken strips and nuggets, multiple varieties and preparation techniques make this deep-fried treat a very versatile food. Popcorn chicken is one such variation popularized by Kentucky Fried Chicken.


According to Kentucky Fried Chicken, there are 400 calories in an individual-sized box of popcorn chicken. In a large box, there are 550 calories. In a kids box, there are 290.


Though calories are important, you should always consider a food's sum nutritional value. An individual-sized box contains 1,160 mg sodium, large sizes have 1,600 mg and kids sizes have 850 mg. The fat content is 26 g for an individual-sized box, 35 g for a large box and 19 g for a kids box.


Popcorn chicken is not a healthy snack. It maximizes the amount of deep-fried breading in each bite. For a healthier option, look for chicken strips, which have more meat and less breading. Ideally, consider chicken food choices that use grilled or baked chicken instead of fried chicken.


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