How to Write Using French Script Handwriting

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French script handwriting is an old style of writing used for formal occasions such as a wedding, engagements, formal parties or other types of announcements. It can be difficult to master the art of writing with French script handwriting and it's best done with an inkwell pen. The script is most compared to an upright script font that has an engraved appearance and decorative capitals, with especially curved or looped edges on the letters. It will take some patience and practice in order to write successfully in French script.

Make sure your French script is in cursive, even though it is called "handwriting." It needs to be the cleanest cursive you can write, with classic elegance. Make sure the font is straight up, not slanting to the left or right.

Work carefully on the upper case letters. On all upper case, there are curls and loops on the edges to provide a more elegant and fancy script. For example, on upper case "R" and "M," the bottom edges are in small curlicues.

Cross lower case letters that need to be crossed, such as "t" and "f," with a crossover line that slants deeply down to the left.

Apply high, bold loops on the right sides of lower case letters that have tall or low tails, such as "b," "f," "h," "k," "l" and t. All these tails need to rise or fall deeply and have a large loop.

Connect each letter of each word in a smooth transition, dragging the line from one letter to the other in an upward right motion. When looking at a written word in French script handwriting, all the lines connecting the letters should smoothly shoot up to the right to get to the next letter.