How to Wrap a DKNY Cozy Sweater

DKNY, one of the clothing companies of the Donna Karan brand, offers a clothing item for women called the DKNY Cozy. It's a thin sweater jacket that is open in the front and has extra fabric panels that can be tied or wrapped around the torso. The Cozy comes in a variety of colors and is available in cashmere, organic linen and silk. The Cozy is versatile and can be wrapped several ways.

Wrapping Styles

Take hold of the left panel and wrap it around the right side of your body until it is at your back. Repeat this step with the right panel. Tie the two ends together in the back in a loose knot.

Wrap the left panel tightly around the right side of the body and all the way back around to the front of your body. Repeat with the right panel. Tie the two ends, which now meet at the front, in a loose knot.

Put the cozy on backward with the open side exposing your back. Take both ends of the cozy and cross them so they meet in the front. Tie them in a loose, secure knot. Pull the top of the sleeves down to create an off-the-shoulder look.

Pull both panels of fabric to one side of your body and tie them in a loose knot, that hangs to the side.

To wear the Cozy like a scarf, fold the Cozy in half and hold the sleeves in your right hand. Hold the middle of the Cozy in your left hand. Wrap the Cozy around the back of your neck and pull the sleeves through the loop in your left hand.

While wearing the Cozy, tie the top portion of each panel together into a simple knot. Put your head through the hole you've created with the knot.