How to Win a Wedding Contest

Sharon Meier

Weddings and Valentines go hand in hand. My daughter-in-law won her wedding by writing a letter to the local radio station for a chance to win the Valentines Special Wedding Contest. My son proposed on the air, a date was set, and an all expense paid wedding was celebrated in Las Vegas. There are wedding contests to win free weddings, wedding gowns, honeymoons, wedding favors, flowers, wedding invitations and other wonderful gifts.

Enter the contests. The only way for you to win a wedding contest is to enter. So, sharpen your pencils and warm up your fingers. With a little bit of persistence and effort you may be celebrating a little more than an ordinary Valentines Day.

Visit Check out their current contests and follow the links to get more information on wedding contests. Currently they are offering wedding shopping sprees, honeymoons, bridal outfits, a wedding in Maui (my favorite), truffle boxes, invitations, flowers plus more.

Search for Wedding Contests. Many internet sites are offering wedding contests. Search for wedding contests and enter the contests that you want to win. Do a search for Wedding Contests in your local city, such as Wedding Contests Chicago. Many local retailers offer contests.

Read the rules. One of the most important part of entering the contest is reading all of the rules. If the rules say to put your stamp on the envelope upside down, then that is what you must do. Proofread your entry and then submit it.

Enter multiple times. If the contest rules allow you to enter more than once than be sure to double or triple your chances to win by entering more than one entry.

Congratulations. If you win congratulations, and if you do not win I also want to wish you congratulations on your wedding. Enjoy your wedding, cherish your love and learn to celebrate the journey of your life.