How to Weave Eyebrows

by Meghan Cronen

A popular trend stemming from various Eastern cultures, eyebrow weaving -- or threading -- is a hair removal process comparable to the effect of waxing without the pain. Through the use of a thin floss-like thread, the extra brow hair is extracted. The cotton thread is simply twisted and rolled along the skin entwining the hair and removing it promptly. Inexpensive and more precise than waxing, this is a must try beauty treatment.

Step 1

Cut a piece of cotton sewing thread approximately 11 inches long. Choose to cut a longer piece if your hands are exceptionally large. Tie the ends of the thread together to create a circular loop.

Step 2

Hold the looped thread, so it is resting on the middle and index fingers of each hand. Twist the fingers so the circular loop makes an X at the center. Continue to twist the fingers in the same direction, so this center X has been twisted four times.

Step 3

Change the stance of the fingers, so the thumb and index finger are within the outer side loops on either side of the center X. Pinch one set of fingers together, while keeping the other side open. This allows the center X to move, enabling the twist to grip and extract the hair.

Step 4

Hold one hand above the eyebrow while holding the other below. Pull the hair from the opposite direction in which it grows. Extract the hair by placing it on the V part of the thread, or rather, the side with the closed fingers. Open the fingers of the opposite hand that is located below the brow to twist the thread over the hair. Once the hair is caught in the twist it will be taken out.

Step 5

Practice this movement until it is fast. It will become more painless the faster that it is done, creating a smooth and fluid hair removal process.


  • Practice the process of moving the center twist before attempting it on the eyebrows.

    Since it is difficult to learn to control the thread, practice the process on another hair covered region prior to trying it on the eyebrows.

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