How to Weave Dreadlock Extensions in Straight Hair

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Dreadlocks, often shortened to "dreads," are a hairstyle that consists of individual locks of matted and twisted hair. As a style, dreads are often associated with a certain lifestyle, religion or taste in music, but they can also be purely a stylistic choice. Dreadlocks can look very different from one person to another, because they depend on the quality, type and texture of one’s hair. Lately, since the improvement of weaving techniques, many are choosing dreadlock extensions instead of growing natural dreads, a process that often requires too much time and patience. This way, a person can have already matured dreadlocks in a matter of hours.

Wash your straight hair thoroughly.

Secure the top of the dreadlock extension with nail glue or silicone caulk to make it neat.

Sew a small rubber O-ring to the top of the dread extension. These rings can be bought in a craft, hardware or home improvement store. When weaving straight hair, since it is usually thinner and finer than curly hair, use really small rings.

Pull a small section of hair, at the root in the area where you want the extension, through the ring, using a crochet hook, for more precision. Adjust the size of the section with the perimeter of the ring.

Braid the hair with two parts of the natural hair you just pulled through the ring and one part dread. Braid a short way down the dread and wrap the end of the hair with thread or a clear hair band. This method will provide a secure connection between natural hair and the dreadlocks. Repeat to add as many dreads as desired.