How to Wear a Pashmina

Gio_tto/iStock/Getty Images

Tying on a long pashmina scarf like a fashion expert takes some experimentation and practice. By learning a few effortless scarf-tying basics, you can instantly upgrade plain wardrobe options from drab to divine. When tying a pashmina scarf around the neck, always choose a hue that complements both your natural skin tone and your outfit.

Dressy Over-the-Shoulder Wrap

A vibrantly-hued pashmina can warm your shoulders at chilly evening weddings and air-conditioned cocktail parties. To tie the wrap, unfold your pashmina fully. While draping the scarf around your shoulders, let one side of the scarf hang 3 or 4 inches longer than the other side. Toss the longer end of the scarf over the opposite shoulder and across your chest.

Layer It and Belt It

As you transition from fall to winter, add a little personality to your wardrobe by layering a pashmina over a monochromatic black or navy-blue outfit. Start by draping a standard-sized pashmina loosely around your neck. Let the ends of your scarf hang down horizontally toward your waist. Secure the scarf to your waist with a wide suede, fabric or leather belt.

Looped Winter Neck Wrap

When temperatures drop, you can twist and tie your pashmina into an elegant knot around the neck. To create a large knot, fold your pashmina in half lengthwise. Fold the scarf again in half to form a loop. Drape the doubled pashmina around the back of your neck. Pull the fringed ends of the scarf through the open loop to create the neck wrap. Tuck the loose ends into your coat, jacket or shirt to keep toasty even in the chilly night air.