How to Wear a Du Rag

The du rag is a simple head covering consisting of a skull cap, two thin outer ties and a wider center tie. The du rag is a men's accessory staple with bikers and hip-hop fans. Additionally, the du rag is a safety accessory used by welders to keep hot metal sparks off of their hair. No matter what your reasons for wearing a du rag, it is important to tie it properly. This will prevent you from committing a fashion faux pax or exposing yourself to workplace hazards.

Place and center the du rag on your head. Align the front where you want it to sit, making sure that all your hair is underneath the rag. Pull the wide center tie over the top of the skull cap to the front, toward your forehead.

Grip the two outside ties on the back of the du rag. Begin a knot like you would during the first step of tying your shoelaces and tighten the ties to the back of your head.

Pull the center tie of the du rag down over the half knot formed by the two thin outer ties. Finish the knot that you began with the first two ties over the wide center piece.

Twist the center piece into a coil around its own axis, like you would a wet towel you were using to snap at someone.

Turn the twisted center piece into a loop, pulling the loose end through the loop you just formed, making a knot out of the center piece by itself.