How to Use to Save Money

by Andrea Hermitt is a Web site that introduces people to restaurants in their area by offering cost savings to diners. Users purchase discounted certificates that can be given as gifts or used by the purchaser. While they aren’t exactly gift certificates,’s certificates allow users to save a great deal of money.

Step 1

Register to use by filling out your billing information and choosing a password. You will find a detailed list of restaurants from which you can choose.

Step 2

Choose a restaurant that you want to visit. The certificates pay for a portion of the full restaurant meal. Typically, certificates cost you less than their face value - for instance, a $10 certificate may cost you $4.00 or some other discounted amount. These prices are set by the restaurants, not by Restaurants have a minimum purchase requirement to use a certificate - for instance, a restaurant may require that your check must be at least $20 before it will honor the $10 certificate.

Step 3

Purchase a certificate. Some restaurants offer several different certificates with verying face values, while others offer only one or two. Choose the dollar amount for the certificate you want to purchase and the number of certificates you want. Try to choose based upon how much you think your family will spend at the restaurant, as you can only use one certificate per visit.

Step 4

Print your certificate and take it to the restaurant. You do not need to print your certificate until you are ready to use it. It will remain in your account for up to a year, which is how long you have to use it.

Step 5

Enjoy your meal at the restaurant following the instructions on the certificate. Remember to tip your wait staff appropriately on the entire check, not on the discounted amount you're actually paying.


  • Some restaurants don't allow use of the certificates on weekends and holidays. Some only allow you to use the certificates between certain hours. Be sure to read the certificate rules before purchase and review them before going to the restaurant.

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