How to Use a Permanent Adhesive on My Dentures

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If you wear dentures and demand more from them or simply want an extra measure of stability, you can use permanent denture adhesive. Though not for everyone, permanent adhesive can make for a stronger bite and more freedom of activity, and it can also help dry mouth sufferers who experience poor denture adherence as a result.

Consult with your dentist about whether permanent adhesive will work for you. If your dentures do not fit correctly, don't use permanent adhesive as a fix; instead ask your dentist about changing your denture size.

Clean and dry your dentures and rinse your mouth with water.

Apply the denture adhesive in short strips, taking care not to apply the cream too close to the edge.

Push your dentures firmly into place and hold for a few seconds.

Bite down to ensure a firm grip, once both dentures are in place.