How to Use a Magic Bullet Express Blender

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

The Magic Bullet is perfect for making smoothies.

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The mini blender known as the Magic Bullet Express has gotten mixed reviews from users. People either love it or hate it. Actually, the Magic Bullet Express does a good job when used as intended and it can last a long time, but you have to use it lightly and with care.

Load your Magic Bullet Express correctly. First, chop fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces. Load the pieces with the chunkiest at the top. Do not overload the blender. You should be able to stir the contents freely without anything spilling over.

Use juicy fruits and vegetables rather than denser foods. Dense foods like carrots take a long time to chop. It is better to use the Magic Bullet with juicy and mushy items such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, cantaloupe, etc.

Seal the cup tightly before placing it on the power base. If you don't seal it tightly enough, the juice will spill over into the base, and you're only option will be to wipe it down and allow it dry out for several days.

Run the blender for only 7 to 10 seconds. For most fruit smoothies, this should be enough. Running the blender for longer periods (30 to 60 seconds) will cause it to overheat. If you must use it longer, use the pulse function and pause about every 5 seconds.

Use only the intended foods. The Magic Bullet Express is a mini-blender, nothing more. It does its job wonderfully as such, but you're setting yourself -- and your kitchen -- up for trouble if you try to use it like a regular blender. Use it to make simple shakes and smoothies.

Always remove the cup and unplug the blender after use. Do not plug it back in until after you've placed the cup with blade on the base.

Clean the blades and cups thoroughly after each use. You can fill the cup partially with water and dish-washing liquid, seal it, and run it on the blender for a few seconds. Remove the cup, rinse well, and dry.


  • If you want to process a fibrous fruit or vegetable, throw in a juicy fruit or vegetable as well; otherwise, all you'll get is pulp. Use the lock mode only when you have to. For simple smoothies, the pulse method will do, and it helps prevent overheating.

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