How to Use a Bottle Capper Images

A bottle capper is used to seal bottles during the bottling process. Bottle cappers are also used to seal beer bottles after the bottle has been filled. You can purchase bottle cappers from beer supply stores and online retailers. The bottle capper uses pressure to push the metal cap down on the bottle, sealing it tight before the beer is ready to consume. If you are having trouble using your recently purchased bottle capper, don't worry. There is a way to get the job done quickly and easily.

Fill your bottles with the desired liquid.

Place the bottle on a hard base, such as a kitchen counter, to prevent slipping when sealing the bottle.

Place the metal crown cap directly on the bottle. Before the cap is sealed onto the bottle, the cap will be semi-flat with the edges slightly rounded to help with the application on the bottle.

Position the bottle capper over the metal cap and the bottle. The bottle capper has a lever on each side that's used to seal the cap onto the bottle.

Push down the levers simultaneously with two hands. Exert force until they are completely down; they might be touching the glass bottle at this time. The pressure from the bottle capper attaches the metal crown cap tightly onto the glass bottle.

Remove the bottle capper by pushing up the levers. The bottle is already sealed so the cap cannot be taken off. Pull the bottle capper off of the bottle. It shouldn’t be difficult to remove.