How to Truss a Chicken

How to Truss a Chicken. You need to know how to truss a chicken if you want the chicken to keep its shape while roasting. It is also important to truss a chicken if you are going to cook it on a rotisserie. Trussing will keep the wings and legs from flopping around while cooking. It's a very simple technique and here are some easy directions to follow.

Place the chicken on a cutting board with the breast side up. The tail should be facing you.

Slip a string under the center of the chicken's back, making sure that the ends are even.

Draw the string up on the sides of the chicken gently encircling the wings.

Pull the string toward you. This will make the wings lay flat against the chicken's sides.

Cross the strings at the base point of the chicken's breast, and wrap the string carefully around each drumstick pulling it tight until the legs of the chicken cross.

Pick up the tail end of the chicken and wrap a string around the chicken's tail, making sure to pull the string tightly until the cavity of the chicken is covered. Tie a knot in the string.

Place the chicken with the breast facing up, and bring the ends of the string back to the front of the chicken. Tie a string into a knot and trim of any excess string.