How to Tie Knots in Shirts


0:05 hi everyone my name is si and I'm here

0:08 today at John teens boutique in Brooklyn

0:10 New York for fabulous currently

0:12 fashionistas and today I'm showing you

0:15 how to tie a knot in a shirt

0:17 we have two wonderful model Jessa who is

0:20 tying a knot right in the front of her

0:21 shirt here it's a great way when you're

0:24 tying knots and shirts to add shape is

0:26 willing to add a feminine touch on a

0:28 large oversized top so we have just

0:32 retirement shirt in the front adding

0:33 some shape add in some fashion and it's

0:36 also good for you ladies with a smaller

0:38 waist it defines that waistline like

0:40 almost Jessa so if you're looking for a

0:43 fun way to tie knots and shirts or how

0:45 to do it it's very simple like you see

0:47 demonstrated here so for more

0:49 information on tying shirts come to me

0:51 upset at us advances we're online

0:59 you