How to Tie a Shemagh Scarf


0:00 [Music]

0:05 hi there this is mo of MO West creations

0:08 today I'm going to show you how to tie a

0:10 shemagh scarf around your head you'll

0:14 need to start out with a large square

0:16 scarf or piece of fabric fold it in half

0:19 diagonally and then put it around your

0:26 head with the flat side low over your

0:29 brow so that one side is a little bit

0:33 shorter than the other

0:34 bring the shorter side across under your

0:36 chin and then bring the longer side

0:39 across in front of that over your nose

0:42 then bring them around the back and tie

0:46 them be sure that the top has not

0:49 slipped back revealing your hair you

0:52 want it to be as low down as you

0:53 comfortably can have it tie it in the

0:56 back with a double knot so that it's

1:00 comfortably and securely tight and there

1:04 you have it it can be worn over your

1:07 face as a mask or under your chin this

1:16 has been mo of mo West's creations

1:18 showing you how to tie a shemagh scarf

1:20 ciao

1:21 [Music]