How to Tie a Scarf Around Your Neck Italian-Style


0:05 hi there this is mo of MO West creations

0:09 and I'm going to show you how to tie a

0:11 neck scarf Italian style you want to

0:14 start with a square scarf of any size

0:17 just has to be square then fold it in

0:20 half diagonally and then take your two

0:25 ends and make a tiny little double knot

0:28 as small as you can get it while it's

0:31 still secure this knot isn't going to

0:35 show but you want it to be small and

0:38 clean then take that and put it on your

0:43 forearm so that the knot is resting on

0:45 the top of your forearm then take the

0:47 two remaining ends and hold them in each

0:50 hand twist them twice in the same

0:53 direction and then pull it might take a

0:59 little practice at first but this is all

1:02 you have to do to get a beautiful

1:03 Italian scarf rosary you can tie it

1:07 around your neck if it's a short scarf

1:13 or if you want you can wear it up on

1:18 your head it looks great as a headband

1:22 or if you are using a longer scarf you

1:29 can wrap it around your neck and just

1:32 let the two ends hang this has been mo

1:36 of mo West's creations showing you a

1:38 very special Italian way to tie a scarf

1:41 ciao

1:45 you