How to Tie a Merovingian Necktie Knot

tie image by Jorge Casais from

The Merovingian tie knot gets its name from a character in the film, "The Matrix." The Merovingian, a Frenchman with an intricately tied tie, shined the light on this forgotten tie-tying technique--originally called the Ediety knot. After "The Matrix" was released, the Merovingian knot unintentionally stole the identity of the Ediety knot and has been parading around as such ever since. You can call the knot by either name; both are accurate.

Hang the tie around your neck. The thin end should hang over your left shoulder, and the wide end should hang over your right shoulder. Be prepared to do the tying with the slimmer end of the tie.

Pinch the wider side with the fingers of your right hand as far up and as close to your neck as you would like the knot to be. Take the thin side with your left hand and cross it over the top of the wider side. Loop it around the wide side and then pull it through the neck loop from back to front. Then, hang it forward over the knot you have just created. The thin side is now on the right and the wider side is on the left.

Take the thin side and wrap it horizontally around the back of the knot. Once it is on the left side again, put it through the neck loop from the front to the back. Pull it through completely.

Take the thin side and move it from right to left across the front. When you get to the left side, pull it through the neck loop from the back to the front. Slip the whole thing through the neck loop.

Angle the slim side to the left. Then take the thin end with your right hand and pull it back behind the knot. Then flip it over the front and through the neck loop from front to back, then through the loop you just made. Your knot is now in position.

Adjust your tie by pulling on the wide end. Pull down on it and push the loosely made knot slowly up toward your neck until you have reached the desired tightness and height. Don’t push it up too fast, because it’s easy to make a tie too tight.