How to Tie a Biker Head Scarf

by Megan Richardson ; Updated September 28, 2017

The biker look is known for three things: a leather jacket, black motorcycle boots, and a head scarf. Scarves are an incredibly versatile accessory, and they can be used for many different styles. The biker head scarf should fit closely to the head so it can be worn under a helmet if needed. A small scarf is the best size to use for this look.

Fold the scarf into a triangle.

Put the widest part across from the triangle point along your forehead, with the triangle's point falling along the back of your head.

Take the two ends of the scarf that are to the left and right of your face, and pull them around your head tightly to the back.

Tie the two ends into a simple knot.

If the triangle's point is still hanging out, tuck it under the knot.

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