How to Survive House Arrest

How to Survive House Arrest. People receive sentences of house arrest for several reasons, but usually it is more trusted individuals who get this punishment. The court trusts that you will remain in your house for an allotted period of time, but use an ankle bracelet to help remind you not to travel past a certain distance from your residence. These steps will help you survive house arrest without going crazy from boredom.

Subscribe to several magazines well in advance of the appointed date. Select publications that both entertain and enrich your life. Most magazine subscriptions take up to 6 weeks to arrive so plan ahead. If you can't plan ahead, visit the local newsstand or bookstore and purchase several magazines. It will get boring reading the same celebrity gossip over and over so choose some magazines with longer articles that enrich your life.

Get cable or Fios installed in the house. TV is about to become your best friend. Have the service installed before the house arrest begins. It can take up to a month to have the serviceman out to your house. Make sure the service is available in your area. Fios is still not available in many areas. Have a plan B for TV viewing.

Sign up for an online course. Use this time to enrich your life through education, either learning a new skill, a new language or something new about your world. Something has obviously gone wrong in your life if you are working through a court-ordered sentence of house arrest. Use this time to make a change for the better.

Arrange to have groceries and other supplies to be delivered. Have close friends and relatives lined up to drop off the necessities of life or just a little distraction when you are in need. Plan ahead and have all the bases covered to lessen the stress on your dependence of leaving home once in a while.

Take up a hobby you have purchased supplies for before your sentence started. Try bead work, wood carving, drawing, playing the harmonica, or learning a new language.