How to Stop Hair Growth Permanently

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Permanent hair removal has become a concern of many people in our Western society. In the Western world it is considered unfashionable for a woman to bare her legs if they are visibly hairy and men are encouraged to shave regularly. Technological advances have brought two prominent methods of removing hair with some degree of permanence: electrolysis and laser hair removal. Many people use either electrolysis or laser hair removal as an alternative to daily or frequently shaving.


Look in your local phone book or check online for electrology providers on a search engine. Search for “hair removal” or “electrolysis” in your city. You can also contact your local beauty salon to see if it offers electrolysis.

Compare the prices and treatment plans offered by the local electrolysis professionals in your area so that you can make your decision.

Complete the multiple-session treatment plan outlined for you by your chosen provider, and get your hair zapped away. Electrolysis involves using sustained bursts of electricity to burn the hair follicle, the hole in your skin out of which the hair grows, to the point where it can produce no more hair. The zapping process involves a significant level of pain and involves many hours across many sessions of repeatedly treating the same area to ensure that the hair gets completely removed., an independent website devoted to hair removal methods, relates that fewer than 10 percent of people report unsatisfactory treatment: in some cases, hair grows back, and in others scarring can result from careless or inexperienced technicians.

Professional treatment can cost up to a hundred dollars a session. Despite the downsides, however, electrolysis appears to get results more regularly than other treatment methods.

Laser Hair Removal

Perform a search for local laser hair-removal clinics or contact your local beauty salon to see if it offers laser hair removal.

Compare the prices and treatment plans offered by your local laser hair-removal professionals. In many cases, laser hair-removal providers also offer other laser cosmetic procedures as a bundle package.

Complete the multiple-session treatment plan outlined for you by your laser hair-removal provider. Incomplete hair-removal treatment plans are not effective methods of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal, although not as well-established as electrolysis for effective, permanent removal, runs significantly cheaper and involves – on average – fewer sessions. Laser hair removal involves a low level of pain akin to being pinched. The degree of permanence provided by laser hair removal varies., and refer to laser hair removal as permanent hair reduction, which involves a long-term lightening of the overall hair growth, but some patients and suppliers claim to have experienced permanent hair removal. Remaining hair-free may involve repeat yearly or bi-yearly treatments to clean up returning hair.

Combine Both Methods

While you search for local electrolysis or laser hair-removal providers ask them if they offer a combined services plan and if they offer any discounts or deals. Beauty salons that provide both laser and electrolysis hair-removal services may be the place to look.

Decide on a tactical plan to target the heaviest, thickest hair growth with electrolysis while using laser on everything else.

Complete all the required treatment visits to achieve complete permanent hair removal. Some patients, particularly men or women who have heavy facial hair growth, combine their electrolysis and laser treatments to improve their overall result: Electrolysis can be performed on the area of heavier, coarser growth such as the lips and chin, while laser can be used to reduce the overall growth of hair on the face, or to remove it entirely.