How to Start a Wedding Chair Cover Business

by Toni Grundstom

Wedding chair covers add style and personality to the wedding reception.

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Items you will need

  • Chair covers
  • Sashes
  • Garment bags
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

Planning a wedding includes creating a romantic ambiance for the wedding reception. Wedding chair covers add an elegant touch, whether the reception is outside or indoors at a hall or banquet facility. In a wedding chair cover business, much of the work takes place on evenings and the weekends. This work-at-home business can provide extra income without interfering with your day job or other commitments.

Business Plan

Step 1

Draft a business plan for your home-based wedding chair cover business. “A written guide to starting and running your business successfully is essential," according to the Small Business Association. "This plan will encourage loans, promote growth, and provide a map for you to follow.”

Step 2

Include a detailed description of your wedding chair cover business, marketing plan, financial information and an explanation of how to run and grow the business. Determine a budget and decide whether you want to seek investors or provide the seed money yourself.

Step 3

Take the online training course and find templates for a business plan at Adapt the templates to fit your proposed wedding chair cover business.

Purchase Inventory

Step 1

Decide on an inventory amount. This represents the maximum size wedding you are able to handle. You may have to start small and purchase additional covers later. Find wholesale chair covers and compare prices to get the best deal. If your budget allows, order a white sash for each cover.

Step 2

Purchase garment bags to safely transport the chair covers. These come in a variety of sizes, each holding up to 15 pressed chair covers.

Step 3

Buy a professional iron and ironing board. These items are essential, since you must launder and press the chair covers after each wedding reception.

Prepare A Contract

Step 1

In the contract, make the renter responsible for any chair covers returned with permanent damage. Require a deposit as insurance, so you can replace any ruined wedding chair covers. Refund the deposit if the renter returns all covers on time and in decent shape.

Step 2

Indicate the rental price for each chair cover and sash. Include a surcharge for out-of-town weddings. Charge extra for colored sashes. List any taxes and fees you may charge.

Step 3

Include a specific outline of the services you will provide and the number of chair covers the couple wants to rent. Be detailed, so as to avoid confusion. Note whether you plan to actually cover and uncover the chairs, or just drop off and pick up the covers and sashes. Include specific times, dates and locations. If the bridal party chairs require extra inventory, such as colored satin sashes, note that in the contract.


Step 1

Design and print business cards, brochures and flyers for your business. If you plan to participate in wedding shows, create banners and a portable display board for your booth.

Step 2

Determine other businesses where brides-to-be shop. These will include florists, caterers, bridal gown shops, banquet facilities, tuxedo stores, print shops, and even scrapbooking stores. Visit those shops and ask to leave your cards and flyers. Network with the owners. Ask them to recommend your services and offer to do the same for them.

Step 3

Use the power of the Internet to market your wedding chair cover business. Create accounts on several social networking websites and promote your business that way. Include: Craigslist, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Post pictures of your covered chairs at local receptions. Consider before-and-after pictures to show the difference chair covers can make.

Step 4

Have business cards with you when working a wedding reception. There may be other engaged couples attending who are potential customers. Be prepared to suggest your wedding chair cover rental service for their upcoming wedding reception.


  • Consider marketing your chair covers for use at elegant dinner parties, anniversary parties, black-tie events and other special occasions.

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