How to Starch Lace Trim

by Debra Burks ; Updated September 28, 2017

Use starch on lace trim.

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Starching provides a protective coating on lace so that dust cannot cling to it as easily. It creates a firmer surface so that instead of being limp, the starched lace stands crisply. Starch has been used for centuries and comes in a variety of forms. Starch the lace on tablecloths, clothing, fancy linen napkins, or anything object that contains lace. It will improve the appearance of the lace and bring beauty to any item.

Set out your materials. Check to make sure that all itmes to be starched are clean and in good repair. Press out any wrinkles with a warm iron before starting.

Dip just the trim in a small amount of liquid starch. Shape the trim and let it air dry until slightly stiff. Repeat as often as needed until you achieve the desired stiffness.

Spray the lace lightly with spray starch to add an extra touch of crispness to the lace. Starch lace regularly to prevent yellowing of the lace.


  • Freshen old starch that may be present in the fabric by placing a handkerchief over the lace and pressing lightly with a warm iron. The warmth will renew and freshen the material.

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