How to Spot a Fake Tiffany Ring

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Spotting a fake Tiffany ring is fairly simple; if anything looks out of place or just not right, it is probably a fake. Tiffany & Co. is one of the finest and most established jewelry companies in the United States and has been since 1837, due to attention to detail and flawless quality. Flaws do not exist in a Tiffany product. If you spot even the smallest of differences from the original, take another look and compare the rest. If you still have doubts, consult Tiffany & Co. to verify authenticity.

Look at every letter in the engraving. Each should be sharp and easy to read, even from a distance. Tiffany font is stamped perfect to quality control, so if you see any blotchy, blurry, shallow or oddly spaced characters, chances are you have a fake.

Examine the packaging. “Tiffany Blue” is a very distinct color; if the box and inside bag look greener or more turquoise, it's a knock-off. Furthermore, if the stamping on the box is even slightly crooked, your ring isn't a Tiffany.

Think about the price. If you find a Tiffany ring for $15, chances are it's a dud. Tiffany never has and never will have a sale on items; nor does it have wholesale purchasing or outlet prices. If the ring is priced significantly under the Tiffany store's value, question the seller's intent.

Compare every detail of the ring to those of the same design on the Tiffany website. Whether the ring in question is a diamond, jewel or stamped sterling silver, the Tiffany website provides clean 360-degree zoom views of all products. Match each stamp to that on the ring in question; is the .925 in the right place? Is there an extra period or a skipped space? Are the edges flat rather than round? Is the curved indentation around the middle of the band too pronounced? Check the engravings and construction on both the outside and inside of the ring.

Visit a Tiffany store and ask a representative to look at your ring. All Tiffany stores will examine any merchandise to verify whether it is an authentic Tiffany product. As of 2010, the service fee is $200; however, the result is peace of mind and either a certificate verifying it as a Tiffany original or a fake. In the case of a fake ring and depending on the purchasing method, a certificate of forgery is enough to file a report against the seller.