How to Soak in a Sea Salt Bath for Swollen Ankles


0:07 hey guys welcome back to the kitchen I'm

0:10 your kitchen beautician Robin McDonald

0:12 today's video is how to soak in a sea

0:15 salt bath for swollen ankles

0:18 now swollen ankles can be the result of

0:20 many things

0:21 allergies pregnancy inactivity stress

0:26 and if you're not lucky enough to live

0:28 near the ocean like we do here in

0:30 beautiful Santa Monica California where

0:32 you can go for a little paddle in the

0:34 salt water to relieve a swollen foot um

0:38 this is a beautiful recipe that you can

0:42 whip up in your own kitchen with a

0:44 little effort and a little time now the

0:47 first thing you're gonna need is a nice

0:48 big bowl big enough to put your feet in

0:51 so that you'll be able to flex your

0:53 ankles and rotate your feet a little bit

0:55 to get the blood circulating make sure

0:58 the water is not hot you just want it to

1:00 be nice and warm

1:01 you're gonna take a full cup of sea

1:05 salts pick up this up at the you know

1:09 grocery store for a couple of bucks and

1:12 I like to put in a full cup of rubbing

1:16 alcohol rubbing alcohol constricts the

1:18 blood vessels and pushes the swelling

1:21 down and helps to relieve inflammation

1:23 and pain in the joints and take your

1:27 trusty whisk if you have one who needs a

1:30 blender when you have a good whisk lying

1:32 around now I like to add a little

1:35 aromatherapy to this and I'm using a

1:39 couple of buds of fresh lavender and you

1:44 know you don't have to kill it just kind

1:46 of smoosh it down a little bit to

1:49 release the essential oils lavenders

1:52 been used for hundreds of years as you

1:55 know it's not just a relaxing

1:56 aromatherapy but an antifungal it also

2:00 helps with rapid healing of cuts and

2:02 scrapes and bruises and any blisters you

2:05 might have on your feet so just you know

2:08 smash this down you can take any herb

2:11 that you like that speaks to your

2:12 sensibilities by the way

2:14 and you know just a glass bowl and an

2:17 ice cream back of an ice cream later

2:19 we'll do this as well and throw that in

2:25 there now you're gonna want to soak in

2:29 this for I don't know 10 20 minutes I

2:31 know the waters gonna get a little tepid

2:34 when you're done you're done but you're

2:36 gonna be amazed at how the swelling in

2:38 your feet has gone down after just

2:41 taking the time and as I said a little

2:43 bit of effort to create this fantastic

2:46 recipe this remedy for swollen ankles

2:49 right in your own kitchen and you know I

2:51 always say there's no place like home

2:54 thanks for visiting me in the kitchen

2:56 I'll see you next time I'm Robin

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